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James Patton Park

James Patton Park

JAMES PATTON PARK is a Lakewood Ranch Community Park located between SR 64 and US 70.  Created in 2018, the park features a paved walking path around Lake Patton and access to two other ponds to the south and east.  Restrooms are available as well as picnic tables and a playground.  The park closes at 8:30 p.m.  There is no admission fee.

Featured Birds: While not many people know about this park and the incredible diversity, over 150 bird species have been reported by eBirders.  Bald Eagles nested nearby until Hurricane Ian destroyed the tree; but they are still in the area.  The edges of the lakes provide sandy patches for foraging sandpipers and dowitchers.  Around all three lakes you may find egrets, herons, cormorants, and anhinga.  Rarities include:  Long-billed Dowitcher, Black-throated Green Warbler, American Wigeon, and Black-necked Stilt.

Insider’s Tip: While walking south along White Eagle Blvd. you may find hundreds of Tree Swallows as they feed on insects. As you circle around the lake to the east, there is a dirt path that takes you along the southern lake.  Check the wooded area for Brown Thrasher, night herons, White-winged Dove, and warblers.  Upon returning to the paved walking trail, divert to the east to bird the tree line and around a third lake.  It is possible to walk the grassy area around this last lake searching for Brown Thrashers, Ovenbird, American Redstart, Carolina Wren, Black-necked Stilt and Bald Eagles.

Accessibility:  The main trail is paved with side trails of dirt or grass.

Hours & Fees

There is no admission fee.


Address: 5725 White Eagle Blvd., Bradenton FL  34211

GPS Coordinates: 27.4365832,-82.4097369

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Park Address

5725 White Eagle Blvd., Bradenton FL  34211

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