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Why should you go on a guided bird walk?

Why should you go on a guided bird walk

By Patty Ford
Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Going on a guided bird walk can be a truly delightful experience. Join our experienced guides on birding adventures in and around Manatee County as they help you get closer to the world of birds!

Why join us on our walks…

  • Learning- Our knowledgeable birders can teach you about various bird species, their habitat and their significance in the ecosystem.
  • Discovery- You may encounter birds you’ve never seen before. The excitement of spotting a rare or exotic species can be a thrill that sticks with you.
  • Connection with Nature- Birdwatching is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in nature. The calm and serenity of the outdoors, interrupted only by the calls and songs of birds, can be a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.
  • Community- Bird walks bring people together who share a common interest in nature and birdlife.
  • Mindfulness- Birdwatching encourages mindfulness and patience. You learn to be in the moment, observe details, and appreciate the beauty of the natural world.
  • Photography- If you’re into photography, bird walks offer excellent opportunities to capture stunning images of birds in their natural habitat.
  • Physical Activity- Bird walks typically involve walking or hiking, promoting physical fitness while enjoying the outdoors.
  • Environmental Awareness- Witnessing birds in their natural habitat can foster a deeper appreciation for the importance of conservation and the need to protect these fragile ecosystems.
  • Relaxation- The gentile pace of birdwatching can be incredibly relaxing. It’s a pastime that allows you to unwind and reduce stress.
  • Inspiration- Many artists, writers, and poets have found inspiration in the beauty and diversity of birds. A guided bird walk might spark your creativity.

When going bird watching it is important to be well-prepared and comfortable. Here is a checklist of what to bring and wear:


Neutral-colored clothing- this helps in blending in with the environment and avoids startling the birds.

Layered clothing- To adjust to temperature changes during the walk (depending on the weather)

Long Pants- Protect your legs from insects, thorns, or tall grasses.

Comfortable Shoes for walking and hiking with good traction

Hat to shield you from the sun and reduce glare for birdwatching.


Binoculars for close up views of birds.

Field Guide to help in bird identification. eBird & Merlin apps are helpful.

Notebook & pen for bird journaling, sketching and note taking.

Camera or smartphone

Water & snacks to stay hydrated and energized

Sunscreen and Insect repellant

First Aid Kit in case of minor injuries.


Tripod | Scope

Remember to follow ethical birdwatching guidelines – Maintain a respectful distance from birds. Avoid disturbing habitat. If using Bird Call Apps, ask others around you if it is ok.

Everyone is welcome to attend our guided walks. We look forward to seeing you at Manatee County Audubon’s next field trip.

**Some trips have costs associated with it – park entrance fees.

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